Strategic Learning

One of the many reasons why strategies fail is that strategic planning as an activity is separated from the rest of the function of the organisation.  (See 6 reasons why strategies fail in implementation for more insight.)   A handful of executives retreat from the organisation to draft a plan which spends the year safely on their shelves until the process is repeated a year later.

The Strategic Learning Cycle embeds strategic planning in the executive process such that it has an ongoing impact on all decisions at all levels within the organisation.

The Strategic Learning Cycle is comprised of 4 processes:
The Strategic Learning Cycle is drawn as a circle because the implementation of the strategy changes the organisation and its environment, and the strategy must develop in response to those changes.   The second smaller loop recognises that the implementation of the strategy may not go according to plan and may have to be adjusted.   However, in this instance, it is the plan, rather than the vision, objectives and values that are changed.

The Strategic Learning Cycle is designed to be used by any Strategic Business Unit, however, with minor adaptations, it can be applied recursively through lower level departments, even down to individual people.

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