Wednesday, 17 March 2010

McKinsey 7S Case Study

In response to my original article on the McKinsey 7S framework, @anniehu123 very generously sent me this PDF case study describing how ABC Company uses the McKinsey 7S framework for Organisational Development (OD).

What I particularly like about this case study is how effectively it demonstrates that frameworks can and should be adapted to specific circumstances and purposes.   The objective is to enhance business decision making and execution, rather than to slavishly follow the framework.   The third slide in the PDF is especially helpful in the manner in which it places the adapted McKinsey 7S framework within the broader OD context.   In doing so, it take the framework from being a theoretical stand-alone exercise to being an integrated part of ABC Company's management processes.

It is certainly worth reading this case study and thinking about how you could apply the McKinsey 7S framework, or indeed other models and frameworks, within your organisation.