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The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed

"The future is already here" #strategyquotes card
"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed." - William Gibson*

This is one of my favourite quotes about the future.

People say that it is hard to imagine what the future could be like.

But the clues are all around us.

There are the science fiction writers extrapolating current trends into imaginary futures. There are the early adopters using barely ready products in ways that might never have been anticipated. There are boffins in white coats discovering new technologies. The are other industries who've found innovative solutions which could be adapted to our own. There are the dreamers and innovators hidden in plain sight among us.

To see the future, we only have to look hard enough.

COVID provided a great example of this. It forced many to adopt remote working for the first time. But pioneers had been doing this for decades and could demonstrate best practice to those willing to look.

Similarly, scientists had been worrying about climate change long before it penetrated popular consciousness.

All it requires is for us to look: widely and with curiosity. To see things and say "I wonder..." rather than "that'll never work for us!"

In business strategy, we talk about detecting "weak signals" and "separating the signal from the noise". It requires systematic application. But it can - and should - be done.

And provides the perfect platform for doing so!

* William Gibson is an American-Canadian science fiction writer.

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