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My favourite bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are the quickest way to turn a passive browsing experience into an active browsing experience.
Here are my favourite and most useful bookmarklets:
  • - converts the current URL into a TinyURL and prepares a tweet with the URL and the page title (note: also tracks who clicks on the link)
  • Amazon Affiliate Link - creates an Amazon affiliate link of the current Amazon page
  • GMail this - prepares a GMail message with the current URL
  • Google -searches for the currntly selected text in Google
  • →Anglais - select some text and have it translated from French to English
  • → Show all feeds - finds all feeds on the page and allows you to add them to Google Reader
  • Pin It - to Pinterest 
  • Read Later - using Instapaper
Simply drag any that take your fancy onto your bookmarks bar.

Some other bookmarklets must be installed - just click on the link below and follow the instructions:

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