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Strategy by the Numbers

The numbers suggest that organisations are just not that good at strategy.

This is my first attempt at putting something up on Slideshare. Please let me know what you think. 

And, of course, if you need some help avoiding these pitfalls, feel free to drop me a line.

Strategy by the numbers is now also available as an infographic.


Balajhi said...

That's a good one Chris. Not surprised by the numbers really. Stand out numbers out of all is 14%, no. of organisations reporting that their employees have good understanding of their company's strategy and direction. The importance of strategic communication and employee understanding and agreement with strategy plays a very important role in successful strategy implementation. With this number being just 14% no wonder 90 to 98% of strategic plans are never implemented

Another disturbing yet interesting number is 67%, companies that failed to terminate unsuccessful projects.

Chris said...

Thanks Balajhi. Yes, the 14% figure is very disappointing. I wonder how much of it is because people still believe that they must keep their strategies secret in order to protect their businesses from competitors. There is an interesting aside at the end of the video at the bottom of in which no less than Michael Porter himself debunks that notion.

I was hoping to include some more positive figures on how firms that do get strategy right are able to outperform, but have not been able to lay my hands on those statistics yet.

Chris_moneyandi said...

Hi Chris,

that's a good slideshow - a proper wake up call for all. Had no idea that the numbers are THAT bad! I've got to push harder on long-term goals myself. Have you thought about making an infographics with that data?


Chris said...

Thanks for the feedback Chris. I had not thought about doing it as an infographic, but it is a good idea. I wonder if my technical graphics skills are up to the challenge :-) ?