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Look after your existing customers first

I keep getting letters from BT telling me how wonderful their broadband service is and why I should consider signing up for it. They usually come with a generous discount for the first months.

I have two problems with this.
  1. I already have broadband from BT. So their marketing only serves to remind me of two things. Firstly that they are so disinterested in me as a client that they've forgotten I'm even there. And secondly, that I'd get a much better deal from them if I wasn't a client.
  2. I am currently seriously considering switching away from them. You see, my actual experience of their service is not as great as their marketing is trying to convince me it is.
Perhaps if BT invests more in improving the service they offer to existing customers, instead of spending all their money trying to attract new customers, I will consider staying.

photo credit: IronRodArt - Royce Bair (NightScapes on Thursdays) via photo pin cc

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