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I'm hoping to coin a new term: appvertising.

At least, I think it's a new term.   I've certainly never seen or heard it before.

Appvertising is the use of applications or applets for advertising.

The first example of this that I have seen was's (or is that's) iSimples iPhone app.   If you're a fan of the Meerkat, and you've not yet tried it, you really should.

And I've just read that and MXP4 have just teamed up to to provide advertisers with the technology to offer listeners an interactive music experience.   That must surely beat passively listening to yet another advertising jingle!

Apple, it seems, are encouraging this trend through the launch of their iAd mobile advertising platform in April of this year.

It's my bet that appvertising is here to stay - and I hope that the word will also.   You could help by sharing and/or linking to this story!

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