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Harvey Balls Font

Harvey Balls are those little circles which are all white or quarter, half, three quarter of fully blacked out. They are one of those incredibly simple but powerful staples of any business strategy consultant's toolkit.

Image of Harvey Balls

If you're struggling to implement them in your documents and presentations by drawing and colouring in your own little circles, struggle no further. Alastair Bor provides a TrueType font including every imaginable Harvey Ball.

And it couldn't be easier to use.   Each Harvey Ball is represented by a number. So you simply select the Harvey Ball font, and type 1 for a one quarter Harvey Ball, and 3 for a three quarter Harvey Ball.

You can read the full instructions and download the font here.

One of the problems is distributing your documents to people who have not installed the same font.   Alastair provides detailed instructions for doing this. But I prefer to convert all of my documents to PDF format before sending them out to clients. This solves the problem more neatly.

And, of course, and even better solution is to use a dedicated tool for strategy development and execution, like, which already knows how and when to use Harvey Balls.

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