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Is the Digital Music Revolution a Return to the 1930s?

Here is a fascinating article charting the evolution of the recorded music industry, and suggesting that it has gone full circle to resemble what it was like in the 30's and 40's.
Is the Digital Music Revolution a Return to the 1930s: "In many respects, thecurrent state of music resembles the 1930s and 1940s… returning to EPs and singles, fewer LPs, and a growth in live entertainment. If so, we may be poised for a rebirth of creativity. Much like the early radio stations using music to sell soap, blogs use Mp3s to sell advertisement."

It is nice to see someone take a more holistic view of the role of the Internet in an industry. When most writers simply describe the Internet as a force of creative destruction, this article provides a least one example of where there are more useful ways of looking at the situation. So next time you are faced with a seemingly helpless case of creative destruction, look a little further back into the industries past and see if you can't find a more constructive way through.

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