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New Features on Strategic Learning - April 2013

We've been hard at work again improving Strategic Learning, the innovative and collaborative tool for strategists.

Firstly, we've added Porter's Value Chain Model. This model provides a framework for documenting and analysing a firm's operating model in terms of the people, processes and technology with which it creates value. It can also be used to help to design a firm's Target Operating Model (TOM) - a blueprint for changing or improving a firm's operations to deliver its strategy. (You can learn more about Porter's Value Chain Analysis and How to design a Target Operating Model (TOM).)

Secondly, if you share a project with one or more colleagues, you can now see a summary of any changes they've made to your shared projects by clicking on the 'Recent Updates to Your Projects' link on the 'Account' tab. We'll also email them to you, to make sure you stay up to date with changes your colleagues make. Don't worry though, we'll never email you more than once a day, and each email contains instructions for how to unsubscribe for future updates. This new feature really brings the collaborative nature of Strategic Learning to the fore.

And thirdly, we've added a facility to reset your password if you've forgotten it. Simply click on the 'Forgotten password?' link on the Logon page, and enter your registered email address (this will be the email address to which we've sent this email). The system will immediately email you instructions and a link for resetting your password. These instructions will be valid for 2 days. Never let forgetting your password stop you from getting back to those strategic insights you developed in Strategic again.

To try out these new and improved features, simply return to Strategic Learning, and log back in at the top right hand corner of the screen.

I hope you will enjoy these new features. We're always busy improving Strategic Learning, and invite you to send us any feedback or suggestions you may have on these features, or on the site in general, by using the feedback link on right hand side of the web-site, in the comments below or by clicking here.

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